Digital Marketing

Digitally Market Your Brand!

We offer businesses the opportunity to utilize digital marketing in a high tech way. Being in front of your customers and clients with digital marketing technology is the easiest way to amp up your marketing message and put it into the hands of 1000’s of people. We offer complete statistics and metrics for every campaign We offer digital marketing programs built to suit most budgets and we customize a digital marketing campaign that will be the most successful for your business.

We understand how important it is to have a brand consistent marketing strategy in place targeted to the right people to increase revenue, generate new business and gain more brand recognition in your local market.

We offer a free consultation for your business to determine the best course of action.

Social Media Marketing

Sunstate Media offers social media business page creations and management. In addition we also offer ad campaign strategies and implementation of social media marketing for any of our clients. A consistent and targeted approach will increase your page likes, followers, and provide immediate brand knowledge to the public.

  • Page creations and design
  • Social media management
  • Campaign strategies
  • Statistics & metric reporting

Digital Display Solutions

Sunstate Media provides digital display marketing solutions that target GEO locations, IP targeting and re-targeting campaigns using mobile ad technology, and desktop and mobile advertising. Create a captivating ad and optional landing page to boost your campaign and ROI. Custom developed marketing strategies will be created for each client’s needs and budget.

  • GEO target your mobile ads
  • IP targeting & reverse IP targeting
  • Competitive search re-targeting
  • Statistics & metric reporting

Mobile App Marketing

Sunstate Media provides mobile ad network programs to interact with your potential or current clients and customers. We have a variety of mobile app marketing campaigns to suit any business, large or small. Targeting a specific geographical area we are able to promote your campaign on users cell phones using over 8000+ free mobile apps. Making it possible to run contests, poll and survey questions, coupon downloads, request a quote and many more interactive mobile marketing programs that will provide you with new leads, new customers, and community involvement, all with leads coming to your email.

Marketing Program Options:

Click to URL • Scratch & Win • Polls & Surveys • Get a Coupon

Tap to Call • Tap to share or email •  Buy Now

Request a Quote • Get Tickets • Contests

Marketing Services

Professional logo & branding designs customized for each business. Creatives files and logo formats will be delivered to the client.

Crisp, clean and powerful graphic designs for magazine ads, newspapers, flyers, posters and other important business collateral.

Responsive website design and development customized to suit any business or industry.
Client manageable websites.

Get your business in the digital age. Target and capitalize on your digital marketing with a clear and concise message.

Market to specific demographics that are right for your business. Be in front of your customers with impacting graphics and message.

The use of video to amp up business and use throughout the digital world is becoming common place. Start Today with your message.

Some Examples of Work