Who We Are!

Our Marketing Approach

Sunstate Media is a hybrid of a traditional and digital marketing approach to promoting and advertising your business. We believe strongly in the value of print, digital and new media channels that can make an impact to our clients target demographics. Sunstate Media is a marketing company that excels at producing strategic outlines and complimentary materials that bring your business to the next level.

Our marketing approach is to work with each company we represent and understand what it is that makes them of value and unique to the marketplace. We take the time to listen, to reach your vision visually and to produce a marketing outline that can be sustained with a logical budget.

Who We Are

Sunstate Media is owned and operated by marketing and design professionals. The company itself is comprised of entrepreneurs, design professionals and prior owners of advertising agencies. The biggest difference with Sunstate is that we understand the cost of doing business and the importance of proper marketing and advertising.

Our staffing practices allows us to moderate our cost and in-turn bring the savings to our clients. Our systems to gather information, turn around quality work and complete projects in a timely manner has been a progressive method and we feel strongly about it's integrity.

Optional In-House

Sunstate Media has an option where we can provide a staff member to work at your location for a period of time and set up a manageable marketing platform.

With this option we assist with many things such as organization or images, collateral, logos and marketing materials. Provide 6 to 12 month marketing outline working with budgets, media channels, and ROI statistics. Learn and understand the nature of your business, see the important trends to your industry, capitalize on local and repeat business. Design, create and implement graphics to boost brand recognition and marketplace success.

Marketing Services

Professional logo & branding designs customized for each business. Creatives files and logo formats will be delivered to the client.

Crisp, clean and powerful graphic designs for magazine ads, newspapers, flyers, posters and other important business collateral.

Responsive website design and development customized to suit any business or industry.
Client manageable websites.

Get your business in the digital age. Target and capitalize on your digital marketing with a clear and concise message.

Market to specific demographics that are right for your business. Be in front of your customers with impacting graphics and message.

The use of video to amp up business and use throughout the digital world is becoming common place. Start Today with your message.

Some Examples of Work