Contest Rules

The contest rules will include all of the following details.


There is a 10 page / section maximum
The winner will be awarded a website that can consist of up to ten pages / sections. This is a full WordPress® website that we will provide to the winner to let them control. There is no cost or obligation after completion of the website.

What you can have included
• Pages that are static with content and images
• Photo galleries
• Forms
• Social media integration (if applicable)
• News / Blog
• Embedded iframe inclusion from a third party

Not included
• eCommerce (upgrade)
• Product entry
• Content writing / proofing
• Specific images
• Membership
• Forums

What we include for the website
• Manageable administrative dashboard
• Easy to use page builder
• Google Analytics
• TrustedSite verification
• Update-able plug-ins and platform
• Tutorial on site management
• Wordfence and small security protocols

What the winner will need to have *
• Domain name registered (preferably GoDaddy)
• Hosting account (preferably GoDaddy) - we can be added as technical contact
• Proper site security protocols i.e., SSL certificate, malware protection and anything else that is absolutely needed for your online business
* Only a domain registration is required at this time. We always suggest waiting an the hosting and security needs.

Depending on the readiness of the winner the process can go very fast possibly only a few weeks.
It is our hope that it can be a very easy process for the both of us.

We will be gathering some information from our intake form. Because of this we want to mention that we do not sell, lease, rent or provide anyone or any entity your submitted information. That is between SunState Media and participating contestants. Our website is 100% secure or as much that is obtainable and available. We do not send continuous emails to anyone who submits a form or means of contact on our website. In this case of a FREE website build we may contact any contestant that submitted to our contest with intent to offer our services. We will offer our services to the participants at a reduced cost. If you need a website more immediate please contact us for more information: [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:
One winner will be selected from participating contestants that completed the Free website form. The contest begins on February 1, 2018 and will end on February 28, 2018. If the winner that is chosen does not need or want the website, there will be no runner-up. No money is required for the outlined Free website to be provided. During the course of the agreement there may be services that are needed or additional items added to the scope of work. These items will be discussed and agreed on before implementation. SunState Media is not responsible for domain registration, hosting, site security, images clients provides, content for the website or nature of the business. We do not discriminate the industry or nature of the business as long as it is in accordance to moral and society standards and law.